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v 2.0: Sep 2022

Community Principles

At Numbers Protocol, our community is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that building a strong and engaged community is essential for creating an environment where innovation thrives and trust is nurtured. As we continue to enhance and migrate our community platforms, we value your crucial role in upholding these principles and ensuring a positive and engaging environment for all community members.

Community Principles

We’re All About Openness and Honesty:
We value transparency and authenticity within our community. Open and honest communication is the cornerstone of meaningful connections and the catalyst for growth. At Numbers Protocol, we encourage our community members to speak your minds, share information openly, and engage in constructive dialogue. We believe in admitting when we're wrong and learning from our mistakes. By embracing openness, we create a space where trust can flourish, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

Respect and Fair Play Are Key:
We recognize that our community is diverse, comprised of individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. We celebrate this diversity and firmly believe in treating each other with kindness, empathy, and respect. Discrimination, harassment, and bullying have no place in our community. We strive to ensure that everyone feels safe and valued, knowing that their voices will be heard and respected. When conflicts arise, we encourage calm and respectful discussions, grounded in facts and evidence. By upholding fairness and respect, we nurture an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

We’re Team Players:
We firmly believe that we are stronger together. Collaboration and teamwork are at the core of our community's success. We encourage community members to actively contribute your unique talents, skills, and ideas. By working together, we can achieve shared goals, overcome challenges, and propel Numbers Protocol to new heights. We embrace a culture of knowledge-sharing, resource pooling, and collective decision-making, ensuring that everyone benefits from the collective wisdom and efforts of the community. Together, we can create a supportive and empowering environment that fosters unity and a sense of common purpose.


As we forge ahead, we invite all Numbers community members to respect the Community Principles altogether. We want to emphasize that while we won't restrict the topics that can be discussed, we kindly ask that all conversations align with our Community Principles. Our aim is to cultivate an environment where openness, respect, and teamwork flourish, nurturing a space where innovation thrives and trust is deeply rooted. Together, we have the power to shape the future of Numbers Protocol and leave a lasting impact in the realm of digital assets.

Thank you for being one of us! Lucky to have you all!

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